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When teeth are not properly cleaned, food particles accumulate in areas where the gums meet the teeth and between the teeth. Over time, these food residues create harmful bacteria in the mouth. These harmful bacteria, which are the main cause of many diseases, particularly contribute to the formation of dental plaque, gum diseases, tooth decay, and bad breath.


In which areas is treatment performed?

GUMMY SMILE: Aesthetic intervention can be performed when the gums are excessively visible in individuals with a condition called "gummy smile." Procedures carried out at the dentist's clinic can involve lengthening the teeth or making the gum line more symmetrical.

CROWN LENGTHENING: Having short teeth can result in excessive visibility of the gums during smiling. A dentist can lengthen the teeth. During this procedure, it involves removing the gums covering the teeth and reducing the portion of the gum that is visible during smiling to extend the tooth length. This procedure, often referred to as crown lengthening, is commonly performed, especially on the upper teeth.