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With our 12 years of experience in dentistry, we understand who you are and what you want

With over twenty years of professional and technical expertise, Bağcılar Dental Clinic was established in Bağcılar Square to address the oral and dental health issues of our people. The clinic aims to provide high-quality services and high standards for both Turkish and international patients, ensuring patient satisfaction without limitations, in line with its vision to be a leading healthcare center in Turkey. Medical tourism is also one of our main objectives. Our clinics are set up in a closed area with a total space of 300 square meters where treatments and procedures are carried out according to international standards. Our clinics feature 10 dental units, a digital panoramic imaging device, and sterilization units. The medical team consists of 25 dentists including professors, doctors, and experts in core fields such as dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, prosthetics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, special needs clinics, endodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. Human Resources: Bağcılar Dental Clinic Group, following the values of global healthcare services, aims to provide an efficient and cohesive working environment for its employees using the right human resources. In this spirit, the group adheres to the principle of providing job opportunities for healthcare workers who are open to learning and development, have a high spirit, and a sense of belonging to the institution. Contracting Institutions: If you want to be part of the institutions contracting with Bağcılar Dental Clinic and learn all the details, you can contact us by phone at 0 212 435 0410 or via email at

  • 12 years of experience

  • Thousands of smiles designed

  • 99% success

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We design the best smile for you

We aim to make you feel at home from the beginning of your treatment until the end. We understand the importance of building trust. Therefore, we have carefully designed the Bağcılar Medical Tourism concept tailored to the needs of our foreign patients.
💊 Treatment: Smile design!
⏰ Treatment duration: 5 days!
😱 Pain level: Minimum!

quality policy

Our services are provided in accordance with national and international standards. Our professional team aims to maintain patient satisfaction at the highest level using the latest techniques and medical equipment. Individual treatment plans are prepared for each patient based on their personal needs. Patient satisfaction is at the core of our healthcare services, and we strive hard to achieve the best results.

Commitment to Quality Standards and Patient Satisfaction

Our services focus on success and adhere to high-quality standards. Our professional and experienced team is committed to ethical principles and integrity to earn the trust and ongoing satisfaction of our patients. We prioritize patient privacy and confidentiality. We conduct awareness campaigns about oral and dental health to contribute to the community. We approach patients with empathy and aim to enhance their satisfaction by regularly reviewing our processes and adopting updates. These principles form the foundation of our healthcare services and help us provide the best care for our patients.
Questions & Answer

Some frequently asked questions about dental treatment

In most cases, dental implants themselves cause little pain for the patient, but after the effects of anesthesia wear off, patients usually feel some discomfort.

Orthodontics not only provides a beautiful appearance and a wonderful smile, but also helps in maintaining healthy teeth in the long run, in addition to preventing tooth decay that can occur with ceramic veneers or certain dental restorations.

If there are specific speech problems, issues with the alignment of teeth, or excessive spaces between teeth, such as overlapping or crookedness, orthodontics is the right solution for most of these problems.

Dental veneers are known in dental treatments for their use of porcelain or ceramic derivatives. In the question, it refers to the use of zirconia in veneers. The difference between them lies in the strength of zirconia, in addition to its longevity, which can be compared to natural teeth in terms of aesthetics.

If you want to preserve the integrity of your lower teeth, removing zirconia veneers is not an easy process compared to veneers and prosthetics made from other materials.
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